Face only - £79
Face,Neck & Décolletage - £99
Hands - £79
Scars or Stretchmarks - Price provided after Consultation

Automated micro-needling is a very effective and recognised way of treating skin ageing and scaring. Using an automated device, the therapist can be in perfect control of the depth of the sterile needles penetrating your skin and is able to adjust them accordingly. The treatment is based on creating tiny micro-channels into the dermal layer, which triggers the body's natural wound healing, creating new cells and encouraging collagen production - resulting in a youthful looking skin.  
The created micro-channels also allow the specialised topical serum to penetrate deep into the dermis, where it is most effective.

Micro-needling diagram

- gives amazing results with wrinkles and fine lines
- tightens sagging skin
- promotes new healthy cell regeneration
- effective treatment of scaring (incl. Acne and Stretchmarks)
- restores volume
- helps with open pores
- rejuvenates dull, tired looking skin

Micro-needling FAQ

The best results are achieved by multiple treatments 4 weeks apart - the number of treatments is depending on the skin condition we are treating. Scaring and deeper wrinkles would require a slightly longer course than general skin rejuvenation. Please contact us for a free skin consultation.

You will feel and hear the vibration of the automated handheld device and some light discomfort in treatment areas that are more sensitive ( forehead, nose & upper lip ). Generally the discomfort is light, but if required a topical numbing cream is available.  

The treatment has proven its effectiveness for many, many years. Despite creating light trauma to your skin, your body's natural healing process is very capable of repairing the micro-channels within a few days. As we are using an automated needling pen your therapist is in absolute control of needle depth and is able to change them to suit different area of the face. The single-use needle-set it clinical-grade, pre-packaged and pre-sterilized.

Micro-needling is suitable for most skin-types
Exceptions are
- severe active acne
- use of Roaccutane
- chemotherapy/radiation therapy within the last year
- taking blood thinners
- haemophilia
- pregnacy & breast feeding
- loss of sensation in treatment area

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