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Anti-ageing face masks

Duration approx 60min

Glow like the stars on the red carpet ! Join the latest in skincare and treat yourself to luxury dermaplaning facial (incl. enzyme peel and mask therapy) 

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Express Face Massage  
  Duration 25min  

Our 30min face,neck and décolletage massage was created  as the ideal lunchtime treat. Let us take away your stresses and sooth your skin as well as your soul.
Consist of double cleanse, tone and massage 

Relaxing Facial
Anti-ageing face masks

Express Facial 
Duration 30min

Perfect for those who would like an introduction to facials or those with little time to spare
Consists of a double cleanse, skin analysis, exfoilation, steam or mask treatment, serum application, moisturizer and eye cream application

Tranquility Facial
Duration 60min

  A beautiful, indulgent and relaxing facial that is tailored to your skins individual needs. You will leave feeling completely pampered !
Consists of a double cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, 20min massage (face, neck, décolletage and shoulders), mask therapy treatment, application of serum, moisturizer and eye cream application

Head and neck massage
Collagen Skin care

Collagen Veil Facial
Duration 60min

This premier face mask is for those with dry/dehydrated skin and those with any signs of ageing.
A beautiful, comfortable 99% freeze dried collagen sheet is veiled over the face, neck, lips and eyes for 25mins – revealing a softer, plumper more radiant skin.
Consists of a double cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, Ampule application, collagen veil, décolletage and shoulder massage (whilst veil is working), moisturizer and eye cream application 

Mineral and Algae Facial
Duration 60min

A specialised seaweed mask treatment packed with natural minerals and trace elements to smooth, lift and energise your skin.
This Algae mask is mixed together to create a cool smooth and indulgent paste and then generously applied over face and neck. After a few minutes it is peeled away, revealing your refreshed and revived skin.
Consists of a double cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, application of specialist algae mask, hand and forearm massage, serum, moisturizer and eye cream application 

Algae and mineral facial

Optional Add-Ons

Steam & Extraction beauty treatment

Optional Add-On to any facuial

Steam&Extraction treatment
Duration 15min
Relaxing warm steam treatment that can be used to deep cleanse the skin and open pores. A manual extraction of any blocked pores is then carried out. This is especially good for those with congested skin types 

Optional Add-On to any facial 

Hand therapy (exfoliating & hydrating)
Duration 25min
A beautifully relaxing, warming hand treatment that soothes, plumps and softens your hand.

Collagen Hydration Glove

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